The Zhihua Temple is a Ming dynasty era Buddhist temple located in Beijing. The project resulted in digitally restored models of two of the main temple halls along with their original carved ceilings, which have resided in the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City and the Philadelphia Museum of Art since the early 20th Century.

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The Longmen Grottoes is a UNESCO World Heritage site consisting of more than 2000 caves and 100,000 Buddhist statues, with most construction occurring between the 6th and 10th centuries C.E. Our project has digitally restored much of the Binyang Central Cave—one of the largest and oldest caves at the site, and originally including pieces now in collections at the Metropolitan Museum, the Tokyo National Museum and the Osaka City Museum.

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Zhihua Temple, one of Beijing's architectural treasures, tells a rich tale and presents an opportunity for a new kind of reconciliation.

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The two recessed ceilings from Zhihua temple are exceptional examples of imperial Ming-era craftsmanship. This feature offers an in-depth look at the exquisite carving and construction of the ceiling originally housed in Zhihua Temple’s Wanfo Pavilion and now installed at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.

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